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Suron pe chalta afsana - Sunset Point is the latest presentation by Gulzar featuring a simple story of love. The album features 8 songs, tied to a theme. The story is narrated by gulzar and described thru songs in the voices of Bhupinder and Chitra. Gulzar excels with the pen and his narration is a treasure for his fans. Gulzar returns to the dome of love and romance with this album. The music is by Vishal Bhardwaaj. The master craftsman starts his story with a girl coming to a sunset point for making an effort of suicide as she has been forced to marry someone she doesn't love.

Gulzar narrates:
"Wo ghar se bhaag aayee thi - us rishtey se bachne ke liye
Jo bin chahe uske daaman se baandha jaa raha tha"

"Neeche bahta dariya keh raha tha, aao meri aagosh mein aajaao
Mein tumhari badnami ke saare daag chhupa doonga"

Chitra sings :
Kachhe rang utar jaane do, mausam hai guzar jaane do
Nadi mein itna hai paani, sab dhul jaayega
Matti ka teela hai ye ghul jaayega
Itni si matti hai, nadiya ko bahna hai, nadiya ko bahne do
Saare ranh bikhar jaane do

At this point the master of Flashbacks takes us to a flashback of events thru his narration and songs and the story of two lovers unfolds... what happens next.... check out the album on sony music....


Sunset Point
Conceived, written and narrated by
Lead Singers
Bhupinder and Chitra
Vishal Bharadwaaj
Side A
1. Kachche rang - Chitra listen
2. Aa chal doob ke dekhein - Bhupinder and Chitra
3. Aasmaani rang - Bhupinder and Chitra
4. Aarzoo meri - Chitra
Side B
1. Pakhiyan ve - Chitra
2. Tere jane se - Bhupinder
3. Jal bhar de - Bhupinder
4. Kachche rang - Chitra
5. Aa chal part II - Bhupinder and Chitra
for more information visit
http://www.sonymusicindia.com and www.sunset-point.com