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Draft Transcript of Live Chat of Gulzar on Rediff on 17th July,1999

* Blue Text : Question, Red Text : Answer Grey text : Remarks

swastik : namaskaar ... Gulzar saheb aaye kya?
Ajit Singh : Thodisi Zameen, Thoda Aasmaan Tinkon Ka Bas Ek Aashian ....
Mausam : Shaam se aankh main kuch nami si hain. Is Gulzaar Saab here??
vinay : hello sablog,
Darshan : Hi mausam: he'll be here in approx. 4 mins. But don't quote me on that, as I'm going on GMT!!
swastik : Ummeed hogi koi... 5 baje warna koi aata nahi... ;-)

Gulzar : Adaab everybody, nice meeting you all :-)
vinay : sir, dil se shuru kareN
Jehangir : Gulzar Sahab, Adaab. This is the postman from Karachi. Sultan-e-Mausiqui is at office he had also wished to join me now
Darshan : Adaab Arz, Gulzar sahib? Kaise hai aap?

Mausam : So here are we all But where's the man-in-Question??
Gulzar : Mausam: Main aa gaya hoon bas aap ki kami si hai:-)
Mausam : WOW , Woh ghadi aa gayi . We are flattered ,Gulzar Saab
sandeep : hello gulzaarsaab are u really there . aapko dil dhoondta hai ..

Milind Desai : Sir When is "Libaas" releasing?
Gulzar : Milind Desai: It is still in the laundry, I'm not sure of the producers plan. Vikas Mohan the editor and proprietor of Complete Cinema is the producer of the film. Ask him:-)

vinay : sir dil se ke baare meiN aap kya sochte haiN. to be frank i was disappointed by the overall effect
Gulzar : Vinay: Visually very very charming. Script required a little more clarity, the music was a superb experience. The fog in the visuals looked good but the fog in the story was blinding.

Kashif (USA) :I wanted to get your opinion about the future of urdu. and what should be the urdu -hindi relations since the are so close and yet different from each other.
Gulzar : Kashif: They are not so different to each other, the idioms of one are used in the other, each one compliments the other for beautifying the expression. The language that we use in films is perhaps the most appropriate, and speakable without any pretences. I think that's the right language of the people. Name it Urdu, Hindi or Hindustani. Urdu has a different (Persian) script, Hindi has Devnagri.Hindi as it is, is read in Urdu script. I wish Urdu be read in Hindi script the same way without any prejudice. A language can have two scripts like Punjabi which is written in Gurumukhi on this side of the border now and in Persian script on the other side. I wish Urdu be adopted in both the scripts with equal love.

Mehta : Gulzar Sir, Why Gulzar has became revolutionist who shouts against social and political corruption ?? You never made movies on these subjects before, ( Andhi was bit exceptional not fully), Why now ?
Gulzar : Mehta: my very first film Mere Apne had this political tone. The relations of the youth with the politicians of the time. Which was updated in Maachis. If you carefully look into the subjects you will find Hu Tu Tu is the updating of Aandhi. In between there was New Delhi Times and some other films also which reffered to the socio political conditions of our times. So it's not as abrupt as you feel.

Ajit Singh : Do you miss RD, Gulzar saab? I miss your partnership a lot!
sandeep : well gulzarji ..any words on Panchamda ...that come to your heart this moment ...
swastik : Gulzar saheb, Pancham ke baad Pancham ki said-reincarnation Jatin-Lalit ke saath kaam karne ka anubhav kaisa raha?

Gulzar : Ajit Singh: Swastik: RD was RD! Pancham to me and freinds. There can't be a duplicate of him. Everybody comes with ones own identity and that is more credible than being a reincarnation of some departed soul. Let RD be in peace. I miss him a can't put a vaccum into words.
swastik : I know that sir. That's why I said 'said' - but I would like to know the experience.
Ajit Singh : Thankyou Gulzar ji for sharing your thoughts about RD. I miss him very much. Your songs give life to me!!!

sandeep : gulzaarsaab, you must have developed a "special" relationship with sanjeev kumar who gave life to "mausam"
Gulzar : Sandeep: Indeed, Sanjeev was a very special freind like Pancham. Pamcham and Sanjeev were always the two anchors of my films. Both cheated me and left me alone. It was unfair of my friends.
swastik : They didn't only leave you alone sir. We are alone too without them.

pavanjha : How the tranformation of soft romantic poet (Aajkal paaon jameen par) to aggresive and hard hitting (Phir kati gardan sir katne lage hai) has taken place. In last thirty years you were never so aggresive in film songs....
Gulzar : Pavanjha: I was sarcastic perhaps in songs like Sab Kuch Theek Thak Hai in Mere Apne, then Paanch Saalon Ka Dene Hisaab Aaye Hain in Aandhi. Sarcasm didn't work so I so started hitting direct but I see it's not hard enough to make a dent.

vinay : sir, i think the one Gulzar that i like the most is the dialogue writer. Hu tu tu had some unparrellel witty pieces. Why don't u write for films other than yours these days?
Gulzar : Vinay: I do whenever they ask me to. I have written for Hrishida, Basuda, Ramesh Sippy, Romesh Sharma, Shekar Kapur,Prakash Jha and many others. Why don't you recommend me to them again?:-)
Uday : I think Vinay , same thing is equally true in Chupake Chupake or Masoom which are not directed by Gulzar Saab.

Niketan R : Coming back to Hu Tu Tu, there is so much difference between this film and your earlier political film Aandhi. In Aandhi ,the politician lady is selfless, wnats to do only public service and is of great moral character while the protagonist of Hu Tu Tu is corrupt and even has a child from her paramour. Why the major difference between the 2 characters. Is this your growing disgust at politics ?
Gulzar : Niketan R: Both the films reveal the ways of the politician. The distance of years has only made them worse. From Mere Apne to Maachis and Andhi to Hu Tu Tu.

vinay : sir maine ek baar aapse poochha tha, ek sau solah chaaNd ki raatoN ke baare meiN (during one of your Jaipur visits). us waqt aap vyast the. please bataayeN, aap kin chaar mahinoN ka zikra kar rahe haiN.
Gulzar : Vinay: It's not the number which is important, it's important that somebody kept the count of the moonlit nights of which they spent together.

Suresh : Which singer gave your lyrics the depth and feeling you really wanted?
Gulzar : Suresh: Different ones with different lyrics at different times.

swastik : Sir, what has been your experience with Jatin Lalit in Khubsoorat?
Gulzar : Swastik: Bahut Khoobsoorat:-)

vinay : sir. There's a lot of discussion about you and your work on the music newsgroup on the Net Rec.Music.Indian.Misc. The one recent discussion being about your debut song. Apparantly Mora gora rang lei le is been claimed by Shailendra's daughter as Shailendra's - the Antaras. Would you clarify please? And do u hapen to read, by any chance, the newsgroup? It is one of the best discussion forum about Indian Film Music.
Gulzar : Vinay: I only knew Shailendra, even before I came to films from Bombay Youth Choir and IPTA. Even if by chance any line had resembled his, he would have told me, he was there when my song was accepted by Sachinda and Bimalda. I have no more clarifications to give.

Niketan R : Thanks Gulzar Saab, We see that there is now an element of anger in Hu Tu Tu which we did not see much of earlier like Namkeen, Angoor(my favorite comedy of all time), Khushboo etc. As I said earlier the ending was very un -Gulzar like. My wife was shocked at the ending . She never expected such a violent act in a Gulzar movie. What was the end supposed to signify . Is this the amount of disgust with politics?
Gulzar : Niketan R: No, it was an expression of protest by the younger generation. We unfortunately have failed to give a better country to our younger generation than what we have inherited ourselves . It's a disgust with myself and the generations behind me who have not done their share to stand up against injustice. I do know there will be a turning point somewhere but I'm not sure I will be able to look into the eyes of the coming generation without guilt.

Niketan R : Today will you make a film like Angoor or Namkeen?
Gulzar : Niketan: Yes. Not to repeat the same but similar subjects if the producers agree. Namkeen for it's different relationships of four women of different age groups with one man in the house. And Angoor for a pure comedy without a melodramatic end.

mehta : I repeat my question? Sir, Please tell me about ALL TIME GREAT SANJEEV KUMAR,Tell me about how he worked?? Specially for your films Mausam & Angoor , what homework he has done to grip the character ?? How he was getting those sharp reactions and expressions ??
Gulzar : Mehta: The special quality with Sanjeev was to swallow the script, digest it and throw up:-) He played the characters with an internal intensity and not the external gestures. Look carefully in Mausam and Aandhi his get up and costume is almost the same yet how differently he plays the two characters.

Uday : Gulzarji, kya aapake partition ke zakhm abhi bhi vaise hi hai ? Kyon ki jab mai 'Dastak' sunta ya padhata hoon to zakhm abhi bhi taaje lagate hai ? Wohi baat Maachis mai Om Puri ke dialogues ke baare mai ? Aap uske baare mai kya sochate ho ?
Gulzar : Uday: I saw the entire bloodshed happening at a very early age of 10-11. I have seen the half burnt and stinking dead bodies being scraped from the road side with showels, thrown into the trucks to clear the way. Those images left me with nightmares for more than 25 years to follow. It is with much effort that I have dissolved them away from my concious thoughts. They still reappear sometimes with the newsclips with the evidence... Can I really get over it till the scene fades away from the society?

vinay : sir, u have given some more than obvious hints for your dislike of Mahatma Gandhi. The recent example being Hu Tu Tu (scene about Subhash Chandra Boseji's picture. Also Om Puri's monologues in Machis). Any particular reasons? Of course i don't agree with you (at least once in my life :)).
Gulzar : Vinay: No I have no dislike for Mahatma Gandhi. I dislike the way his followers have used him and are using him till date. Maachis was a refernce to them not to Mahatma Gandhi. Refernce to Subhash Chandra Bose is only a reminder of the religious unity of INA in Hu Tu Tu.

Suresh : In your opinion who was better - RD or SD? Why? Just curious!
Gulzar : Suresh: It's unfair to compare the two. Both were geniuses in their own generations times. Both have come down as genius gems to us. Long live their music. I do not like the remixes done on their works.

pavanjha : Some of your songs are out of reach of your fans like Gehrayee (rishte bas rishte hote hai,), Mammo (Hazaar baar chale hum). Similarly You did lots of serials for children. 'Chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai', 'Guchha hai', 'Tap tap tobi' to 'Potli baba ki' which are not available on audio. Can you do something for bringing out these scores?
Gulzar : Pavanji I'm aware of the tremendous effort you have done in collecting my works, I'm grateful. I take this oppurtunity to express my thanks. The works which you have enquired about are with different producers. So it is not possible to compile them, unless some musical company or somebody with your kind of initiative collects them and publishes them in a casstte. There are some songs of Pancham for films like Bharosa, Abhi Abhi , which never got released because the films were not completed. There are songs of Jaidevji and Vasant Desai, Laxmikant, Khayyam and some others which are lying scattered away. At another time I'll try to send you a list across and then see if I can collect the songs for you I do not promise all but atleast some of them.

anand : gulzaarsaab, who amongst your contemporaries do you have the greatest respect and admiration it saahir, Shailendra, Neeraj or somebody else..please answer sir...
Gulzar : Anand: If I respect one it doesn't mean I respect the other less. Shailendra in my opinion was the greatest lyricist that happened to Hindi films in my times, though, D N Madhok was the earlier one. Shailendra knew the difference of a poem and a lyric. He brought the lyric close to the literary standard in a comman mans ballad. For example Mera Jootha Hai Japani. In the antra he sings the glory of the comman man, the antra which starts 'honge raje rajkunvar hum, hum bigade dil shahezade' Sahirsaab was a literary poet and remained so. He didn't accept the medium as much as the medium accepted him. Neeraj again in his won capacity was one great poet who came to films and left it to join politics.

Ajit Singh : Will HMV ever release 'Dil Padosi Hai' on CD?
Gulzar : Ajit Singh: I think it is available on CD.
Ajit Singh : The songs, I mean the master tapes have not been preserved by HMV. Which we know since they are making CDs made from tapes recorded from LPs. Will your songs will ever be reproduced in their original quality?

mehta : Gulzarji, What is relation between an director & an Actor as far as characterization of a movie character is concern? You dominate you actors OR your actors have free choice of act according to their perception of character & you just describe what kind of character you want?
Gulzar :
Mehta: We all remain bound to the script. Nobody rises above the script including the director.

Ninad : Gulzaar saab, just one question, when you write the lyrics of a song, do you wrtie them based on the tune already coomposed or is the tune composed after you pen down the words? Or do both the processes go hand in hand?
Gulzar : Ninad: Actually both the processes work together simultaneously. With Pancham we used to keep tossing the ball into each others court till the first overhead smash. Even now working with Vishal, we toss the song the same way but quite often the ball is in my court to start the first service. Vishal being well versed with Urdu poetry is more at ease with this process.

kashif : gulzar sahib you consider your self a poet of urdu or hindi? Thanks
Gulzar : Kashif: Both are one language to me, though my script is Urdu. I write in Urdu copy it in Hindi and sing in Hindustani:-)

anand : Gulzaar ji...please ek couplet...bas ..fir hum yahaan se ravvana...please gulzaar ji hum sab ki taraf se ..a couplet about LIFE
anand : hey everybody..please write a line asking Gulzaar ji to write us a couplet..this session cant be complete without
that..ok?..1..2..3..NOW..all of you please write down the request..

Gulzar : Anand/Mausam:

Har Ek Gham Nichod Ke, Har Ek Ras Jiye/
Do Din Ki Zindagi Mein, Hazaron Baras Jiye/

anur : wah kya baat hai ,par aap ke under itna dard kyon hai
Mausam : I am flattered to be here ,this evening . And i am going to remember this for all my life . ek shair ne itna sukoon kabhi pehle nahi diya . REDIFF ,THANX A TON .
swastik : waah Gulzar sahab waah

swastik : Gulzar sir, pleeeease ek bhasha se juDa sawal - is it right to keep the publicity matter and titles etc.. of Hindi films in English? and is it right for actors/actresses to speak in English in most off-screen appearances?
Gulzar : Swastik: Straightaway to confess. NO. In foreign film festivals many a times we have been questioned that why Indian and Pakistani films have English titles and the language of the film was not the same. In our own country it's not the same with Bengali and South India films, whether Tamil, Telegu, Kanada, Malayam... It's only in Hindi and Urdu films that we have this. I think it's more for the trade reasons that it has been imposed on us. Secondly English provides the all India link. For the second part of your question, it's not fair to speak English in Hindi programs and keep punching Hindi into English programs. Kyon theekh hai ki nahin?:-)

Gulzar : Last five minutes in the room.

Mausam : Gulzar Saab : Tum jo keh do to Aaaj ki raat chaand doobega nahi ,Raat ko rok lo , Raat baat hain aur Zindagi Baaki to nahi pavanjha : BAS EK CHUP SI LAGI HAI. NAHIN UDAAS NAHIN.
pavanjha : Abhi na parda giraao Thehro

Darshan : Why is the flashback your favourite technique of film narration?
Gulzar : Darshan: I don't make concious effort for this, it is natural rendering or narratin or story for me. Even in my regular conversation I go back to describe past incidents as I'm doing with my friend Suparn right here. I feel that is a very natural way of narrating a story. We make it unnatural only when we iron it and straighten it out. The flashback also helps to dramatise the unity of time and place. Could I explain myself?

Koi khamosh zakhm lagti hai/ Zindagi ek Nazm lagti hai/

Bye, Doston, Khuda hafiz--Gulzar

pavanjha : Aaj Bichhade Hain Kal Ka Dar Bhi Nahi
pavanjha : thanks to rediff people. Suparn, Sharmila, Nikhil Thanks a lot
Darshan : Thanks to Gulzar for chatting to us, and to for providing a platform upon which we can chat to Gulzar saab.
AmitKS : shukriya Gulzar ji... khuda hafiz
mehta : Gulazar sahib, see you soon
Uday : Thanks Gulzar ji. Yeh Ek zindagi bhar ke liye ehasas rahenga ki humane aapse baten ki.
Mausam : Aaj Bichhade Hain Kal Ka Dar Bhi Nahi , Alvida
Ajit Singh : Thank you very much Gulzar ji!
anamika : Tata
pavanjha : Gulzar Fan Club ki Or se Dhanyawaad

shaarangdev : Aadaab, Gulzar saheb, this is Shaarang here
Darshan : OK Mausam Anamika Ninad Pavan Vinay Uday Mehta Kashif aur baaki sab Gulzar ke chahne wale...Main ijaazat chahunga....Agli baar shaiyad fan club main mulaquaat hogi!
Ninad : Folks, gotta go. It was a really nice experience talking with Gulzaar Saab and you all.
vinay : mere liye to lifetime experience tha. waise maiN unse personally bhi mil chuka hooN aur uski to baat hi kuchh aur thi
Uday : Yaar, unse milane ko bahot dil karata hai. Ek baar Poona mai the tab mai kahi bahar gaya tha aur jab wapas poona pohachha to programme khatm ho chooka tha. Aaj ka experience really lifetime experience raha.
mehta : Are doston Is garib ki bhi suno.. mein mumbai mein hi rahata hun. Since lastSix mohths i am trying to meet mr.gulzar and failing . today i had a big hope but it crashed tooo
vinay : how could u have meet him today. but it was almost meet-like
mehta : Gulzarsaab has left. Mera ek khawb toot gaya,, chalon dusara banayen
sandeep : well gulzarsaab ab aur sabr baqi nahin.... kuch pal is turf bhi ..mod zindagi mile .. aapka ..shagird
sandeep : well sir, i have seen mausam more than 20 times ..each time i see it or listen to a song of mausam ..i live a life ..and i cry for sanjeev kumar ..may be he suffered in his life ..that he could enact that role in a "perfect" way ... and that song "dil dhoondta hai" the one with fast tempo ..(duet) ..i have lived it ..and still am living it in mausam ...(even more than aandhi) each expression of sanjeev ji ..each smile or each sad scene ..was so full of intensity ..that ...its difficult to find "lafz" for them and the scene when he comes to know that sharmila had died ..(theres a glass of water in his hand) ...and the way he enacted ..does it remind u of any moment to tell us all .... anand : Gulzaarji..hats off to you..i truly consider you one of india's greatest lyricists...tinkon ke nasheman tak...!..please enlighten me to the meaning of that line..

to be completed....

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